Clara L. Bitzer, Attorney at Law

Clara L. Bitzer has a law practice in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 306-653-9000
Fax: 306-653-5284

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300-416 21st St. E.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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  • Saskatchewan

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StarPhoenix"It's very unfortunate," said the family's Saskatoon lawyer, Haidah Amirzadeh. "The province said they ... Three weeks later, Bill Boyd, Saskatchewan's minister of the Economy, sent a strongly worded letter of support to Alexander. Boyd noted the ... more »
StarPhoenixAlberta Justice said lawyers were taking steps to do that Friday afternoon, but didn't know how long the process might take. A federal official told the Associated Press on Friday that U.S. authorities were aware of a warning from Canada that Stanley ... more »
CTV NewsSaskatchewan is one of the world's leading uranium producing regions in the world. ... But trade lawyer Lawrence Herman of Cassels Brock says critics shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the potential benefits, even if they are unlikely to be immediate ... more »

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a trust created after the grantor’s death (by the terms of his will), as opposed to a Living Trust, created during his lifetime. … Full Definition »
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actus reus
Literal translation: Latin, guilty act a prohibited voluntary criminal act (or ommission) performed by a human. Law requires actus reus in conjunction with mens rea (mental state) for a conviction. … Full Definition »
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