Wolfgang Mercier Giguère, Attorney at Law

Wolfgang Mercier Giguère has a law practice in Quebec, Quebec

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

Contact Info:

Phone: 581-996-7060
Fax: 418-648-1931

Main Office Location:

310-400 boul. Jean-Lesage
Quebec, Quebec
Practice Area

  • Quebec

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MetroNews CanadaMONTREAL – A bail hearing will be held next month for the man charged in Quebec's 2012 election-night shooting. Marcel Guerin, the lawyer for Richard Henry Bain, said Friday his client will be among the witnesses who are expected to testify. Quebec ... more »
Sun News NetworkBrent Tyler, a human rights lawyer and former president of Alliance Quebec, said the government has a duty to lift its self-imposed silence and intercede. "The federal government does not get a holiday on its obligation to defend the rule of law just ... more »
Globe and MailMr. Gendron, a lawyer and father of three, quickly hit the spotlight in 2004 when he tried to fight a vandalism problem by suggesting the imposition of a curfew on the town's teenagers. * He then parlayed his budding fame into a career as a provocative ... more »

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