Michael Weizman, Attorney at Law

Michael Weizman has a law practice in Toronto, Ontario

McCarthy Tétrault LLP

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: Business Law, Environmental Law matters.

Contact Info:

Phone: 416-601-7793
Fax: 416-868-0673
Website: www.mccarthy.ca

Main Office Location:

66 Wellington Street
Toronto, Ontario
Practice Area
  • Business Law
  • Environmental Law
  • : Accepts Major Credit CardsAmerican Express

  • Quebec, Ontario

  • University of Toronto, J.D., 1980; University of Toronto, B.Sc., 1977

News & Events

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Waterloo Record... hours before coming back with a guilty verdict shortly before noon. Galbraith, 66, was immediately ordered into custody by Justice Gerry Taylor, who urged him in the "strongest terms possible" to get a lawyer for the next phase of the case ... more »
Ottawa CitizenHarb used real estate he owns to secure four mortgages from a company controlled by Brian Karam, a lawyer and owner of The Business Inn hotel and the adjacent Maclaren's on Elgin sports bar. Harb's lawyer says the mortgages were all declared to ... more »

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