Emily R. Hill, Attorney at Law

Emily R. Hill has a law practice in Toronto, Ontario

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 416-408-4041 Ext: 228
Fax: 416-408-4268

Main Office Location:

803-415 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
Practice Area

  • Ontario, Yukon

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CTV News"Schmidt and consumers of raw milk are freely choosing to ingest raw milk to improve their health," Schmidt's lawyer Derek From said outside court. "Our ultimate goal is to have cow shares recognized as legal in Canada." Ontario's lawyers countered ... more »
Montreal GazetteMMA lawyers have told the town's legal department that they would meet with insurers Tuesday, Roy-Laroche said. The money is to cover the salaries of employees of eight companies hired by MMA to clean up the site, which was ... Sûreté du Québec ... more »
Ottawa CitizenThose hidden assets probably explain how it was that Pettkus qualified for financial help from the Ontario Legal Aid Plan. Rosa didn't. He also signed a contract with Schwisberg, allowing him to divulge these facts in his book. Pettkus also called me ... more »

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guardian ad litem
In most jurisdictions, an attorney, before entering upon his duties as a guardian ad litem shall file a consent to act and a statement of no interest adverse to or in conflict with the person under disability. Guardians ad item shell be compensated for their services. I.g, in NY, they can be paid either from the estate,or the interest of the person … Full Definition »
Divorce & Separation >> Family Law
interested person
“Interested person” means any person who may reasonably be expected to be affected by the outcome of the particular proceeding involved. In any proceeding affecting the estate or the rights of a beneficiary in the estate, the personal representative of the estate shall be deemed to be an interested person. The term does not include a beneficiary who has … Full Definition »
Probate >> Wills & Probate
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