Emily R. Hill, Attorney at Law

Emily R. Hill has a law practice in Toronto, Ontario

Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

Contact Info:

Phone: 416-408-4041 Ext: 228
Fax: 416-408-4268

Main Office Location:

803-415 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
Practice Area

  • Ontario, Yukon

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Sun News NetworkThe fee every new Ontario lawyer has to pay has nearly doubled this year ─ to $5,039 from $2,892 last year ─ further burdening law students who already face crushing debt, say the student leaders of Ontario's law schools. In an open letter to the Law ... more »
Toronto StarThe candidates: Shaping up to be another tight race. The Conservative candidate is lawyer Ali Chahbar while Peggy Sattler, a Thames Valley District School Board trustee, is running of the NDP. Ken Coran, former president of the Ontario Secondary School ... more »
MetroNews CanadaForcing a Muslim woman to remove her veil to testify in court is inconsistent with the long-standing Canadian approach to respect an individual's religious belief and accommodate it if possible, lawyer David Butt told a judge Tuesday. Butt, who ... more »

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