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Emily R. Hill has a law practice in Toronto, Ontario

Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 416-408-4041 Ext: 228
Fax: 416-408-4268

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803-415 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
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  • Ontario, Yukon

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The ProvinceThe Conservatives have apologized for sending voters bad information, but say the whole thing results from administrative errors. The letters take a chatty, ... Maria Martins, manager of Election Finances at Elections Ontario, said Thursday that the ... more »
Toronto StarThe decision represents a significant blow, at least in the short term, to the Conservative government's attempt to overhaul this country's medical marijuana system, which it says is rife with problems ranging from unsafe grow-ops to infiltration by ... more »
The Globe and MailA $32.7-million settlement of a class-action suit is the best and fairest way to compensate victims of two now-closed Ontario institutions for the developmentally disabled, an Ontario judge decided on Monday. Lawyers for both the plaintiffs and ... more »

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\ ɪn.kəˈpæs.ɪ.teɪt \ “Incapacitated” means a judicial determination that a person lacks the capacity to manage at least some of the person’s property or to meet at least some of the person’s essential health and safety requirements. A minor shall be treated as being incapacitated. (PART II, Sec. 731.110) … Full Definition »
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