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James A. Doris has a law practice in Ottawa, Ontario

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This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 613-975-1011
Fax: 613-233-6752

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222 Somerset St. W.
Ottawa, Ontario
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  • Ontario

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Toronto StarMajority of Canadians oppose cyberbullying bill: Poll ... She suspects her past criticism at parliamentary committees of the Conservative government's policies on immigration, refugees and poverty reduction mean she has no chance of an appointment ... more »
Prince George Citizen"I would expect that the premier of B.C. respects rule of law and wants to see it respected by her staff and her colleagues," Tabuns said Friday. Earlier this week, Clark said Miller "needs to make her own decisions" about whether to co-operate with ... more »
Caledon EnterpriseA recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision held that people who have gone through the bankruptcy process should not have to have to pay their 407 bills. Hamilton lawyer David Thompson has launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of people who went ... more »

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\ ˈkɒn.trækt \ "Creditor" means: (i) a party: (A) who regularly extends consumer credit that is subject to a finance charge or is payable by written agreement in more than four installments, not including a down payment; and (B) to whom the obligation is initially payable, either on the face of the note or contract, or by agreement when … Full Definition »
Credit Cards Fraud >> Consumer Protection
Whiplash may be defined as stretching of the spine, mainly the ligament, and is classified as “soft tissue injury”. Whiplash is universally associated with motor vehicle accidents, usually when the vehicle has been hit in the rear; however, the injury can be sustained in many other ways, including falls from bicycles or horses. It stands out as one of … Full Definition »
Traffic & Moving Violations >> Criminal Defense
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