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Phone: 613-233-4474 Ext: 231
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100-85 Plymouth St.
Ottawa, Ontario
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  • New Brunswick, Ontario

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The Globe and MailLawyers for the survivors of one of Canada's most notorious residential schools say an order of nuns who taught at the institution is trying to stop them from obtaining police documents that could support their claims for federal compensation. The ... more »
Ottawa CitizenA host of other parties — including police, civil-rights and lawyer groups — are intervening in the complex case. In a landmark decision in November 2011, Ontario's top court handed the families a major victory in their bid to have police note ... more »
Toronto StarIn documents filed in advance of the hearing, Brown's lawyer argues that in his client's case the Crown and defence filed a joint submission calling for seven years and two months and the judge didn't give any reason for the longer sentence. Provincial ... more »

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garnishment of wages
Wage garnishment occurs when an employer withholds the earnings of an individual for the payment of a debt as the result of a court order or other equitable procedure. Title III of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) prohibits an employer from discharging an employee because his or her earnings have been subject to garnishment for any one debt, … Full Definition »
General Civil Litigation >> Litigation
cloud on title (cloud)
A claim, or encumbrance on real property that affects or impairs the title. Examples of cloud on title incude: a mortgage lien whose repayment hasn't been officially recorded; a deed which has been signed but hasn't been properly recorded; a mechanic's lien, or a construction lien, another word if a renovation work was performed on the house and was not … Full Definition »
Commercial Real Estate >> Real Estate Law
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