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J. Alden Christian has a law practice in Ottawa, Ontario

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Phone: 613-233-4474 Ext: 231
Fax: 613-233-8868

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100-85 Plymouth St.
Ottawa, Ontario
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  • New Brunswick, Ontario

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MetroNews CanadaHudak was responding to a libel notice served Friday by Wynne's lawyer over comments he made that β€œshe oversaw and possibly ordered the criminal destruction of documents.” His remarks came after Ontario Provincial Police revealed they are investigating ... more »
Ottawa CitizenBoothe's lawyer John Rosen contended it was Boothe-Rowe who resented the boy β€” her husband's child with another woman β€” and had care of him during the day while his father was at work. The boy was eventually pulled from school when his injuries ... more »
Caledon EnterpriseA recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision held that people who have gone through the bankruptcy process should not have to have to pay their 407 bills. Hamilton lawyer David Thompson has launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of people who went ... more »

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amicus curiae
stands for Latin "friend of the court". In many cases involving public interest court invites a person or an organization to provide an impartial view on the issue and help the court to come to a just decision. Such person or organization files a brief in amicus curiae supporting one of the party's position. Brief in amicus curiae is submitted by a … Full Definition »
General Civil Litigation >> Litigation
assault and battery
A person commited an assault and battery may be sued either in civil court or be prosecuted criminally. The major difference between assault and battery is that an assault does not require an actual physical contact with another person, while battery requires actual touching to occur. An assault can take place even though no battery occurs. On the other … Full Definition »
Robbery, Assault & Battery, Theft >> Criminal Defense
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