J. Alden Christian, Attorney at Law

J. Alden Christian has a law practice in Ottawa, Ontario

Doucet McBride LLP

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 613-233-4474 Ext: 231
Fax: 613-233-8868

Main Office Location:

100-85 Plymouth St.
Ottawa, Ontario
Practice Area

  • New Brunswick, Ontario

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Canadian Lawyer MagazineThe $30 million over three years allocated for Legal Aid Ontario in this year's Ontario budget doesn't do much to address a system that is “strained to a breaking point,” according to Criminal Lawyers' Association president Norman Boxall. “Any increase ... more »
Huffington Post Canada... and Kematch were arrested in March 2006 and were convicted of first-degree murder. The inquiry is expected to conclude later this year with recommendations to follow on how to improve child welfare in the province. Loading Slideshow . ... Dirk ... more »

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under this legal doctrine a corporation uses its corporate status to shield someone’s personal business deals. Normally, a corporation is treated as an entity separate from its creators and the shareholders are not personally liable for corporate obligations. But in some rare instances, a court will “pierce the corporate veil” and hold a shareholder liable … Full Definition »
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vegetative state
Persistent vegetative state is an irreversible condition where reasonable medical judgment finds the complete loss of key brain functions. It results in the end of all thinking and consciousness, although heartbeat and breathing continue. Periods of sleep and wakefulness will still occur. … Full Definition »
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