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Francois Sauvageau has a law practice in North York, Ontario

Sauvageau & Associates

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 416-781-3635
Fax: 416-781-8635

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136 Sultana Ave.
North York, Ontario
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  • Ontario

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Caledon EnterpriseA recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision held that people who have gone through the bankruptcy process should not have to have to pay their 407 bills. Hamilton lawyer David Thompson has launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of people who went ... more »
The Globe and MailPolice being investigated after a shooting should not be allowed to talk to a lawyer before preparing their notes, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled, in a strong rebuke to a common practice of Ontario officers. The ruling on Thursday has wide ... more »
CBC.caJoan Jack, a Winnipeg lawyer who launched a class action lawsuit on behalf of day scholars in 2009 said the similarities between the two systems outweigh the differences. "Predators at the residential schools would abuse children at the day schools as ... more »

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When a homeowner is about 60 days past due on his/her mortgage payment, the lender (bank) might want to repossess the house to satisfy the outstanding debt. A Notice of Default is sent to the homeowner and that is how the foreclosure begins. After receipt of a Notice of Default a homeowner has certain time to pay the amount owed to the bank, or may … Full Definition »
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