Marc Denhez, Attorney at Law

Marc Denhez has a law practice in Kanata, Ontario

Denhez, Marc

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 613-592-6861
Fax: 613-592-6842

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62 Ipswich Terrace
Kanata, Ontario
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  • Ontario

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Toronto Sun“Creep,” one family member whispered. Sitting in the front row of the court, Lund's mother and father sat quietly. As Crown attorney Indy Kandola told the court the investigation is ongoing, with even more charges expected to be laid, Lund's mother ... more »

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an ownership of a parcel of real property by more then one person. In most states the language of the deed must specifically state that the title is held by joint tenants. To create a valid joint tenancy all joint tenants have to obtain their interest at the same time and by the same deed; all joint tenants have to have equal ownership interest in the … Full Definition »
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