Alan D. MacNeill, Attorney at Law

Alan D. MacNeill has a law practice in Truro, Nova Scotia

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 902-893-7217
Fax: 902-893-8595

Main Office Location:

9-46 Inglis Pl.
Truro, Nova Scotia
Practice Area

  • Nova Scotia

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Truro Daily NewsBarrett is also facing a slew of other charges, and secured a lawyer just last month. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in July on the murder charges, as well as unrelated charges of robbery and armed robbery. Saunders said it's not clear at ... more »
Kamloops Daily News... two lawyers presented a joint submission asking for a nine-month jail sentence. Sullivan has a criminal record for violent crime and has served a nine-month jail term in the past. Defence lawyer Don Campbell said his client wants to put the ... more »
Nova News NowA Belmont man convicted of stealing more than $408,000 from three Nova Scotia-based health authorities is set to learn if his request for more time to pay a hefty fine will be granted in January. Cary Lee Hollett, who wants an extension on a $48,589 ... more »

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