Richard F. Southcott, Attorney at Law

Richard F. Southcott has a law practice in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stewart McKelvey

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: Admiralty & Maritime Law, Construction & Development, Environmental Law matters.

Contact Info:

Phone: 902-420-3304
Fax: 902-420-1417

Main Office Location:

1959 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Practice Area
  • Admiralty & Maritime Law
  • Construction & Development
  • Environmental Law

  • British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia

  • Dalhousie University, LL.B., 1991; Oxford University, B.C.L., 1992; St. Francis Xavier University, B.Sc., 1988

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Seeking AlphaOne thing to keep in mind: Part of the rationale for bringing this new law into place was that it would force companies to pay a certain amount of money back. It would go to the immediate local domestic or regional government. ... TGR: SNL Metals ... more »
Ottawa CitizenIn its decision, the court said it was "disquieting" that the RCMP chose to mount a sting operation to arrest Nicole Doucet rather than respond to her husband's "reign of terror." Her husband ... 25 - By a slim majority, the Supreme Court of Canada ... more »
Castanet.netTwo Canadians imprisoned in Egypt say they were beaten and have been subjected to degrading treatment in a cockroach ridden jail cell since being detained at the height of violent protests in Cairo last month. Tarek Loubani, a London, Ont., doctor, and ... more »

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