Sally A. Gomery

45 O'Connor Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Business Law, Civil Litigation, Class Action, Construction & Development, Environmental Law

Caroline Matte

1000 de La Gauchetière Street West, Montreal, Quebec
Administrative Law, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Environmental Law, Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law

Jerry J. Patterson

850 - 2nd Street SW, Calgary, Alberta
Civil Litigation, Environmental Law, Natural Resources Regulations

Darrell R. Peterson

855-2nd Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta
Business Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law

Scott A. Dawson

700 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia
Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation, Class Action, Environmental Law, Employment & Labor Law, Defamation & Libel, Municipal Law & Regulations

John C. Carron

200 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario
Bankruptcy, Business Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Law

Kent D. Howie

1900, 520 - 3rd Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta
Contracts, Franchise Contracts, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Municipal Law & Regulations

Julia E. Schatz

3400 One First Canadian Place, Toronto, Ontario
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Class Action, Environmental Law

William S. Osler

855-2nd Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta
Environmental Law, Corporate Law

W. Ian Palm

66 Wellington Street, Toronto, Ontario
Business Law, Environmental Law, Sports, Telecommunications & Entertainment Law, Corporate Law

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Intercontinental CryThe claimants are supported in Canada by a legal team comprised of Vancouver law firm Camp Fiorante Matthews Mogerman (CFM) and the Canadian Centre for International Justice (CCIJ). In Guatemala, they are represented by the ... While a small handful of ... more »
HaaretzApart from any evidence in the possession of the police, on Channel 10's “London and Kirschenbaum” public affairs TV program on Thursday, Yarom Halevy, a lawyer representing Balter, admitted that “in a certain respect, Hassan had involvement in the ... more »