Lynne M. Charbonneau, Attorney at Law

Lynne M. Charbonneau has a law practice in Vancouver, British Columbia

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 604-602-4088
Fax: 604-641-2505

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900-888 Dunsmuir St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • British Columbia

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Troy MediaLougheed in his personal approach to his career, which spanned business, law and politics, was a strong and vocal advocate of maximizing diversity of experience. During his academic training, while earning an MBA at Harvard, he worked at a summer job ... more »
Huffington Post CanadaThe Vernon lawyer was initially sentenced to one year in jail, but last month, a B.C. Court of Appeal judge increased his sentence to two and a half years. In its own assessment, the Law Society of British Columbia has decided to disbar Mastop, saying ... more »
CTV NewsNEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. -- A Metro Vancouver construction company and its owners are accused of employing six foreign nationals without a permit. The Canada Border Services Agency alleges John and Constantina Psarrakis hired six people to work as ... more »

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