Jordan Allingham, Attorney at Law

Jordan Allingham has a law practice in Vancouver, British Columbia

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This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 604-688-8331 Ext: 303
Fax: 604-688-8350

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195 Alexander St.
Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • British Columbia

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The Globe and MailOne of the central disagreements between the Trial Lawyers Association and the province involves a tax on legal services instituted in the 1990s. The association says the revenue from that tax was supposed to go directly to legal aid. Ms. Anton said ... more »
Times ColonistThe lawyer for the BC Teachers' Federation argued the employer was unilaterally modifying the existing collective agreement, which it wasn't entitled to do. The employer's lawyer told the board it had the authority to cut pay since teachers were ... more »
Vancouver SunIn 1992, the B.C. attorney general refused to lay charges of polygamy or sexual exploitation against Blackmore and another church elder, Dalmon Oler, because of concerns that Canada's anti-polygamy law might be found to be unconstitutional. It wasn't ... more »

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judicial foreclosure
A judicial foreclosure is a court proceeding that starts when a lender (the bank) files a lawsuit against the defaulted mortgagor to establish the amount of default and the right of a lender to sell the house/apartment and satisfy the outstanding debt. After a lawsuit has been filed, the lender files a "lis pendens" (lawsuit pending notice) with the county … Full Definition »
Commercial Real Estate >> Real Estate Law
administrative hearing
A procedure established by an agency to fairly, accurately, and promptly determine the true facts and applicable law in disputes arising under the statutes and laws administered by the agency. … Full Definition »
Federal Regulations >> Administrative Law
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