Lois J. MacLean, Attorney at Law

Lois J. MacLean has a law practice in Edmonton, Alberta

de Villars Jones

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 780-433-9000
Fax: 780-433-9780

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8540 109 St. N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta
Practice Area

  • Quebec, Alberta

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Calgary HeraldAlberta Court of Appeal justices Jean Cote, Jack Watson and Brian O'Ferrall said in their unanimous written decision released Monday that the trial judge — provincial court Judge Mike Dinkel — had carefully considered 19 factors in arriving at the ... more »
Globe and Mail“When do you wear a suit, and when do you not wear a suit?” he asks. “When do they want to see you in shorts and a t-shirt, and when are you supposed to look like a lawyer?” For Andrew Weaver, a climate change expert who just became B.C.'s first Green ... more »
Niagara Falls ReviewHe was a lawyer who became a hero of the working class. A representative ... His passions and focus were clear: improve the standard of living for Ontario citizens, protect health care as a public institution and defend the rights of workers. He spoke ... more »

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Consignment is the act of consigning, which is placing a person or thing in the hand of another, but retaining ownership until the goods are sold or person is transferred. This may be done for shipping, transfer of prisoners, or for sale in a store (i.e. a consignment shop) … Full Definition »
Corporate Finance & Taxation >> Business Law
When more than one person or entity is sued in one lawsuit, each party sued is called a codefendant. Example: Clarence "C.J." Stewart was a co-defendant with O.J.Simpson in their 2007 armed robbery of sports related memorabilia trial. … Full Definition »
General Civil Litigation >> Litigation
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