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Dereck N. Gibson has a law practice in Edmonton, Alberta

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This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 780-424-7880
Fax: 780-421-7523

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10311 Saskatchewan Dr.
Edmonton, Alberta
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  • Alberta

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San Francisco Chronicle1 Train derailment: Emergency crews battled a large fire Saturday after a Canadian National tanker train carrying oil and gas derailed west of Edmonton, Alberta. No injuries were reported. Canadian National spokesman Louis-Antoine Paquin said 13 cars ... more »
CBC.caThe Alberta Court of Appeal overturned Roberto and Zuccherato's conviction earlier this year and ordered a new trial. Real Honorio was also ... of his actions. According to his lawyer, Roberto will need extra protection in jail because of his co-operation. more »
Calgary HeraldIt also suggests an "open-minded re-examination" of the rules that protect the role of lawyers while limiting the roles of other legally trained professionals. The Alberta Law Foundation, Law Foundation of British Columbia, B.C. Legal Services Society ... more »

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assault and battery
A person commited an assault and battery may be sued either in civil court or be prosecuted criminally. The major difference between assault and battery is that an assault does not require an actual physical contact with another person, while battery requires actual touching to occur. An assault can take place even though no battery occurs. On the other … Full Definition »
Robbery, Assault & Battery, Theft >> Criminal Defense
a transfer of money to a fund (trust) with the aim of investing the money and keeping the principal intact forever or for a definite period of time. The most famous and successful endowments are Harward Fund and Yale endowment fund. … Full Definition »
Estate Taxes & Gift Taxes >> Tax Law
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