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10311 Saskatchewan Dr.
Edmonton, Alberta
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Yahoo News Canada (blog)He was not wearing his artificial legs at the time of the shooting, and has said this made him feel vulnerable and panicky, part of the reasoning behind his plea of 'not guilty' to the murder of law graduate and model Steenkamp. His lawyer Barry Roux ... more »
CTV NewsBeaver's lawyer, Peter Royal, said it's amazing no one died in the gun battle. Beaver fired a total of eight shots, wounding two officers in their arms. RCMP fired back 30 times, wounding both Beaver and his girlfriend. Beaver, standing in court with a ... more »
National PostAssuming continued economic growth — and there are signs the recovery is picking up speed, notably south of the border — they will almost certainly be able to report a balanced budget before then, making way for the tax cuts promised last time out ... more »

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\ ˈæd.ʌlt\ "Adult" means an individual who is at least eighteen years of age. (Chapter 1, A. 2, S.14-12102) … Full Definition »
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Criminal nuisance
The laws of criminal nuisance vary from state to state, but most states have several degrees of criminal nuisance. For example, NY Penal Code distinguishes Criminal nuisance in the second and first degree. A person is guilty of criminal nuisance in the second degree when: 1. By conduct either unlawful in itself or unreasonable under all the … Full Definition »
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