David J. Stam, Attorney at Law

David J. Stam has a law practice in Edmonton, Alberta

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This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 780-495-2983
Fax: 780-495-2964

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300-10423 101 St. N.W.
Edmonton, Alberta
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  • Alberta, Ontario

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Means a person designated in a will or trust to receive a devise, or bequest. In the case of a devise to an existing trust or trustee, or to a trust or trustee of a trust described by will, the trust or trustee, rather than the beneficiaries of the trust, is the devisee. (FL Probate Code, Part II, Sec. 731.110 (11)) … Full Definition »
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bill of rights
The first ten amendments to the federal Constitution demanded by several states in return for ratifying the Constitution, since the failure to protect these rights was a glaring omission in the Constitution as adopted in convention in 1787. Adopted and ratified in 1791, the Bill of Rights are: First: Prohibits laws establishing a religion (separation … Full Definition »
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