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4-12110 40 St. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
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Canada NewsWire (press release)TORONTO, Dec. 18, 2013 /CNW/ - Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) is extremely concerned by the Alberta government's unprecedented and unacceptable attack on freedom of expression. The recent passage of Bill 45, a gag law, makes it ... more » fell again on Monday after the Alberta Court of Appeal granted the Fort MacKay First Nation leave to appeal the provincial energy regulator's approval of the company's Dover oil sands project last week. The project, which is operated by Brion ... more »
Toronto Star... Currie was wrong when he concluded someone planted the knife in Kalmring's hand after she died, Evans said. A blood-spatter expert from Alberta will refute Sgt. Diane Cockle's evidence that Kalmring was bleeding from another injury before she was shot. more »

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tenancy in common
a type of tenancy where more than one person own interest in a piece of real property. The interest of each owner does not have to be equal. The deed that created tenancy in common may or may not state the shares of each tenant in common. It the deed is silent as to percentage of ownership the parcel is considered to be owned equally by all of the … Full Definition »
Commercial Real Estate >> Real Estate Law
Revocation of Will
A will or any part of it may be revoked or altered by: a new will; an act of burning, tearing, cutting, cancellation, obliteration, or other mutilation or destruction performed by the testator (the person signing a will), or another person at testator's direction; a document called a Revocation of a will. The revocation of a will revokes all codicils … Full Definition »
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