Natalie L. Mohammed, Attorney at Law

Natalie L. Mohammed has a law practice in Calgary, Alberta

This Lawyer has extensive experience representing clients in: matters.

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Phone: 403-278-7001
Fax: 403-271-2826

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4-12110 40 St. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta
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  • Alberta

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Barrhead Leader“That I noted today is in badly need of washing,” added Assistant Chief Judge Charles Gardner, smiling. Other than De Rudder's choice of transportation, Driessen said he has found no faults with the ambitious young man. ... Secondly, on a more serious ... more »"There has been predominantly informal discussion about what is, or what is not, our rights, and MPs have to decide what's wrong and what's right, and what our rights are," said one Conservative MP, who requested anonymity. A series of ... Alberta ... more »
Calgary HeraldThursby was charged in June 2009 under the Criminal Code in connection with the arrest, but those charges were dropped in September 2011. According to Alberta Justice, the first attempt at trial didn't proceed because the defence lawyer declared a ... more »

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Federal Witness Security Program
Is a program authorized by Federal law since 1974 to protect witnesses in federal cases. Witnesses and their families typically get new identities with authentic documentation. Housing, medical care, job training and employment can also be provided. Subsistence funding to cover basic living expenses is also provided to the witnesses until they become … Full Definition »
Felonies >> Criminal Defense
impermissible deceptive marks
“[A mark is deceptive] when an essential and material element is misrepresented, is distinctly false, and is the very element upon which the customer relies in purchasing one product over another.” Gold Seal Co. v. Weeks, 129 F.Supp. 928 (D.D.C. 1955). … Full Definition »
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